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The Story behind... our new Rucksacks!

October 20, 2015

Earlier in the year we were asked to create some merchandise for the Glasgow based band Belle & Sebastian (you can read more about this exciting commission here) and one of the products we developed was a rucksack. Initially myself and Fi (their lovely merch manager) chatted about doing a special duffel as we're both big duffel bag fans, but I'd been thinking about creating a rucksack for a while and thought this was maybe a fun way to develop the product...

I wanted it to remain similar in style and size to our popular duffels as they are very handy for carting all your essentials around in but rucksacks have always been another favourite style of bag for me. 

Bearing this in mind, I chose to keep a curved bottom, the cotton rope drawstring feature, the navy band of material on the base (which is both practical and part of our Laura Spring look as we're big navy fans too!) and an internal pocket. However, we decided, after chatting with our manufacturer, to make the pocket out of the same printed fabric this time as it made for a nice extra detail.

That's one of the great things about working with a local manufacturer, you get to go in and speak to them face to face and conversations happen that probably wouldn't over the phone or via email. You can chat over things and draw on their years of experience (of which they have many) and I really value the wisdom that they often share with us.

Much is made at the moment about products being 'Made in the UK' and we firmly support this. Adding to our local economy is something we really value and maintaining an ethical production line is at the heart of our business. So for this reason, to create these rucksacks, we've sourced our waxed cotton from here in Scotland, our zips from the last remaining zip manufacturer in the UK, our loops and sliders from a company in the north of England that has been in business for over 30 years and our webbing from another company in England that has been going for over 200 years (that produce over 50,000,000 metres of webbing a year from their factory!).

All of this careful sourcing, designing and conversation has gone into creating our rucksacks...we hope you enjoy them!

Available now in our online shop for £95 each (with FREE P&P to all UK customers).

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