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Dye Garden Socials Event #005 - Eco Dyeing on Textiles: an Enthusiasts Introduction with artist Laura Aldridge

September 20, 2023

Dye Garden Socials – Event #005  

Eco Dyeing on Textiles: an Enthusiasts Introduction with artist Laura Aldridge
Sunday 8th October
10.00am – 3.00pm

An Enthusiasts Introduction to Eco-dyeing is a practical workshop for anyone enthusiastic about experimenting with the process of printing onto fabric using the natural materials around them.

Eco-dyeing uses heat to draw out natural pigments from leaves and other plant materials to create interesting and surprising marks on fabric. Plants are arranged on prepared textiles then wound over metal rods and bundled tightly with string. The plant dyes are then extracted through steaming or immersing the fabric in hot water. Results achieved can vary greatly from clearly defined plant forms to more diffused bursts of colour.

Eco-dyeing is unpredictable and does not focus on the strict replication of results, therefore an open minded and experimental attitude is required of the dyer; the same dyestuff will yield different results depending on the time of year the leaves are picked, where the plant is growing, how much rain has fallen while it was growing, etc. You can play with and create your own personal alchemy by recording these variables and the results you achieve when processing the fabric.

In this introductory workshop, artist Laura Aldridge, the enthusiast, will share what she has learnt so far about eco-dyeing in her work and encourage participants’ independent experimentation with the process. You will source plants from the local surroundings to make a series of tests, recording some of the controlled and uncontrolled variables which directly affect the outcome of the prints.

This workshop is suited to people with little to no experience of eco-dyeing – enthusiasm is a must!

Each Dye Garden Social event is free to attend and has been kindly supported by Creative Scotland.

Places are free but limited, so please follow the link below to book your spot:



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