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Our Duffel Bags: How we make them (part 2)

February 20, 2014

Last week we showed you how we screen print the fabric for our duffel bags in our studio, now we want to give you a glimpse into how we make them up and the materials we use.


After careful cutting out we begin stitching on our industrial machine. Here we're attaching the acrylic canvas band to the bottom of the printed fabric using special thread designed to take the strain that we all put our bags through on a daily basis.


Once the base is sewn on and the centre seam is stitched together, we attach the webbing at the top of the bag and use this traditional hand press to punch holes at measured intervals. We have to get special dyes cut for the machine that match the size of our eyelets to ensure they work together perfectly. 


Here's the hole once it's been cut.


Then we change to the dyes that close the eyelet.


The eyelets we use are sourced from a company in England...

...just like our natural cotton webbing and rope.


The finished eyelet!


Once we've completed all the eyelets, we thread the rope through and tie it together using a traditional sailors knot.


And here they all are...large and small. The duffel bag family...

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