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Our Duffel Bags: how we make them (part 1)

February 11, 2014

Did you know that our existing range of duffel bags are printed and made entirely in-house in our Glasgow based studio? Here's a peek at how the first part of how they come together - the printing process...

Firstly fabric is prepped and pinned onto our print table, making sure it's straight and flat to allow even and precise printing.

We print the fabric by the metre, so have to make sure that the registration stops are set to the right distance apart so that the fabric prints in the correct place every time we move the screen down the print table.


Then the ink goes onto the screen ready for the first pull.


This is then ready to be pushed across the screen by a squeegee (this is my favourite one in the photo - an oldy, but a goody!), forcing the ink through the holes and onto the fabric underneath.


Once it's printed we lift the screen off the table asap.


We make sure we clean off any excess ink to re-use at a later date.


And here we have all the colours we currently print...with our hands, in Glasgow. Which is why our screen-printed range is that bit more expensive...because we hand print all the fabric here in the studio with a lot of love and attention...

We'll show you details of their construction in our next blog post...

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