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Pricing Update for 2016

January 30, 2016

As well as new products, a new year also means new plans and new tweaks. As a result we have had to revisit some of our existing prices due to several significant increases in overheads and suppliers prices in the last six months. Many of our products have remained at the same price for the last couple of years, but it's not possible for us to maintain the quality and integrity of our products without increasing some of our prices slightly.

We are a small studio, committed to keeping our production here in the UK (with the bulk of what we produce being printed by hand here in Glasgow), so we can no longer afford to offer some of our products at their current prices. We hope you all understand our reasoning at these increases

The good news is though, that some products have become slightly cheaper (aprons & riso notebooks)! We've already put these into effect, but the small price raises will come into action on the 15th feb...as a small compensation we are extending our January offer of a free £5 gift with all online orders until then!

Thanks for your understanding. x



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