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Täkänä Research Trip | PART FOUR | An unexpected trip to Pulsa

April 27, 2017

If you ever find yourself heading towards the Russian border in the south-eastern corner of Finland, I encourage you to take a detour off the main road to this incredible (and I mean incredible) place called Pulsa. It was recommended to me by Elina earlier in the week (Elina and Petra, the owner of Pulsa are both textile designers and friends) and I had a last minute change of plan so thought I'd give them a call and I'm so glad I did.

Located about half an hour from Lappeenranta, Pulsan Asema is an old railway station built in 1869 that Petra and her family have lovingly restored over the past few years and turned into a perfect B&B, shop and cafe. It's perfectly located, perfectly restored, perfectly designed and perfectly curated....as you can tell I loved it and hopefully these photos will help explain why...

The original signposts still standing strong at Pulsan Asema
The station building at Pulsa which has now been lovingly restored sits next to the railway line (obviously!)
The bedroom in the 'Train Dispatchers House' - white with pops of colour like the chair and blanket (above)
Ceiling light details in the 'Train Dispatchers House'
Kitchen wall decoration in the 'Train Dispatchers House'
 The 'Train Dispatchers House', the most beautiful B&B!
Breakfast is served in the Old Station Building
Breakfast didn't disappoint either. It was served over in the café/old station house and I was treated to six types of cheese, swiss style museli, bread, croissants, apple juice, orange juice, tea/coffee…it was delicious.
The original ticket machine is still hung on the wall in the Station Building - it's these kind of details that make Pulsa so beautiful.
A blue and yellow corner in the cafe
A pop of red in another corner of the cafe
Taking a walk round the grounds - so many cute buildings!
Inside one of the other buildings you can stay in - this blue wallpaper was so vivid it took my breath away
Attention to details at Pulsan Asema are exquisite - this wallpaper, stool and textile are perfect
Texture, pattern and colour are beautifully considered throughout all the properties
A kettle greets you at one of the front doors
I couldn't resist buying this blanket (top) from the shop, designed and made in Finland by Lapuan Kankurit
Pulsan Asema's shop and cafe are open from midday Friday through to Sunday, the B&B is available every day. Petra's hospitality is wonderful. Go, it's just brilliant.

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