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Printing Day with Charlotte Linton

August 15, 2023

Charlotte and I met over a decade ago whilst both on residencies at Cove Park in Argyll. We were both there working away on our textile based creative practices and discovered we shared a mutual love for early nights, being outside and the Moomins...as well as many things textile related.

I had the pleasure of working with Charlotte on the India Street project back in 2015 and she is currently working with me as a mentor on the Dye Garden.

However, we have both been exploring our interests around working with nature to create print pastes and spent a brilliant day together in my print studio playing with inks we created from a variety of sources...


Printing sample strips onto a variety of cottons and linens...some dyed by Charlotte prior to today.



These amazing little squeegees are Charlotte's that she brought back from a recent research trip to Japan.


The beginnings of a sample print test using logwood, birch and cutch onto some of Charlotte's vintage linen collection.


More stripes getting printed...it's really handy having these small A4 sized screens to do test prints with.



My washout bay is downstairs and still getting set up, so we are using a make shift one just using a large plastic box that is my usual way of workshop washing when I take printing on the road.


Print pastes on the print table.


Charlotte getting ready to print the next stripe.


All the pastes printed, next we printed modifiers over the top, but that was another day....

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