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Black Friday?

November 24, 2017

Black Friday? We've never been a big fan so we thought we'd share an image of COLOUR & PATTERN to show our support for Just a Card's 'Indie Friday' campaign. Support small business this Friday instead...shop with an independent, small business who can't afford to offer you an amazing deal because we haven't over inflated our prices or carry masses of surplus stock. Many small businesses are just that, small. Therefore we don't have the ability to do what big brands can, but actually maybe they can't either if you believe the news about the price fixing that's been going on.

We occasionally have a sale when some things are just no longer part of our range, but we don't do this after six months or a year. We carry products and designs for a long time and we don't believe in slashing our prices right before Christmas - nor do we want to punish any of loyal or new customers by slashing prices right after Christmas either.

Sometimes we like to offer a reward with a small financial incentive, but like so many small businesses, we rely on this time of year to make up a large part of our income so to give a weekend (or is it Black Friday week now?) of big discounts just doesn't work for us.

Where you choose to spend your money is just that, your choice. We aren't passing judgement on those businesses taking part or any of you for taking part, we just can't and don't want to. It's not who we are.

Plus we LOVE bright colours too much!

If you didn't know that already, have a look round our website!

Thank you

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