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Back where it all began...

June 08, 2021

This week (the week beginning the 7th June 2021) I'm back at the place where it all really began for me ten years ago...Cove Park. I'm currently on a three day self-funded micro-residency to get a bit of headspace to work on some things. 

Accommodation at Cove Park - A set of modified shipping containers with a grass roof

Cube accommodation at Cove Park, made from shipping containers, photo taken in 2011

Like many of you, or everyone really, it's been a crazy eighteen months. A global pandemic really does throw things at you in a way you've never experienced before (I'm desperately trying to avoid using the word 'unprecedented') on top of this, having been off the previous nine months on maternity leave, it means things haven't been 'normal' for me and my business for some time.

Looking out from the shipping container studio onto hills and the loch

The first days in my Cove Park studio back in 2011

Both these things have thrown into the foreground thoughts I've been mulling over but pushing away into the background for a while and despite all the bad stuff that a pandemic brings, it does make you ask yourself a few questions.

So I've taken myself away to a place I know I can get a bit of focus and start to process my thoughts properly without real life distractions.

However, it seemed appropriate I hope, to share some photos from that very first residency here way back in 2010 - where it all began for me. Six incredible uninterrupted weeks during May and June of that year gave me time, space and resources to immerse myself in my work and what came out at the end was a mountain of work (I admit maybe more than I'd done for a long time) and an invitation to exhibit that September at a trade show in London.  A happy coincidence and how it all began....


Photos above of my studio walls back in 2010 filled with my test prints and paper stencils. The bottom photo was taken during my final week talk explaining what I'd been up to to a small audience.

This time I'm here for three short days so a very different kind of residency but I'll be sharing more of what I'm up to now in 2021 on the journal soon. I know I've been quite quiet creatively for some time but I've found it's taken me a while to unjumble (my spell check is telling me this isn't a word sorry!) my thoughts but I'm hoping to share how I've done that soon too. Thanks for bearing with me x


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