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A few top tips to making our Beeswax Wraps

November 02, 2020

If you've kindly purchased one of our beeswax wrap kits and want a few extra pointers to making your wraps successfully, then please read on for a few extra tips based on the included instructions*:

1. The wraps can be made with the printed side of the cloth facing up or down as you paste the wax on. This is because the wax melts through the cotton in the oven, but if you want the print side to appear totally smooth then you should have that face up, or else you may get tiny bubbles appearing on the surface as shown below:

This wrap had the print side face down on the greaseproof paper which is why these little bubbles have appeared, so we would always recommend working with your wraps print side up.

2. When you paint the melted wax on the fabric, it turns solid again fairly quickly so the texture of the wax on your wrap will look very rough like in this image below:

Don't worry! It melts evenly, you just need to make sure the wrap is evenly covered in wax with no bald spots. If the wax in the pot starts to get too solid again, just pop it back in the hot water for a minute and it will be much easier to continue working with. 

3. This is how your wrap will look through your oven door as it's melting:

Don't be alarmed by the texture in the oven, once it comes out and you cool it properly as instructed it will have a nice, smooth surface like below!

 One final thing to note, the fabric will darken in colour slightly once the wax has melted in, but the patterns will still seem nice and vivid! We hope this helps with your making experience, but always feel free to get in touch at hello@lauraspring.co.uk with any further questions.

*the instructions we reference are the ones in the newly updated kit. If you purchased an earlier kit and would like a pdf version, please email us and we will happily send you one over.

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