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New Interiors Collection launching this September!

August 05, 2015

It's been quite a while in the making but we're finally nearly ready to launch our exciting new interiors line! Last year we were very lucky to be awarded a Creative Scotland Artist's Bursary which allowed us to take time to do some important research and development about an idea that had been rumbling away in the background for a while...

Looking at the idea of camouflage, more specifically how animals use it to disguise themselves by taking on physical characteristics of predators, we began to create new designs, the first of which will be launched this September in the form of cushions and lampshades (as seen below):

This first design takes it's inspiration from the eyespots butterflies often have on the upper part of their wings to confuse prey such as owls. Like all our textile products, it is made right here in Glasgow, Scotland because we are committed to supporting local production methods and creating as much of our work as we can by our own hands.

In addition to this new print, we have selected some of our most popular prints to join our new interiors line, so please look out for the launch of this new collection in September!

For those of you who might be in London for this year's Design Festival, we will be showing it to the public at Design Junction from the 24th - 27th September. Alternatively, sign up to our newsletter on our home page to be the first to hear about a special Glasgow launch!

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