COMMISSION – Staff Uniforms, V&A Dundee, Scotland – September 2020


Daryl McCowan (left) and Lauri Thorndyke (right), model the staff uniform accessories

Back before the V&A Dundee opened it’s doors to the public for the first time an open call was put out online for a surface pattern designer to work on a family of print designs for their staff uniforms.

As a designer, I've always loved visiting the V&A in London for inspiration so I didn't hesitate in applying for the commission and was over the moon when I found out my proposed idea had been chosen to take forward. To have been selected to be a small part of the V&A Dundee experience felt very surreal and exciting and something I never expected.


Early print and drawing experiments

However, the pitch of the idea was just the first part of a creative journey. Shortly after finding out I’d been successful with my idea, there was a welcoming meeting to talk through things further with a small team from the V&A Dundee. Then it was back to the studio where I began to work away behind closed doors on developing my idea into sketches and print experiments. Like most designers, this can be a painful process (if that’s the right word?!) – working away on drawings over and over until something just starts to feel right? It is the most challenging part, but also the most rewarding. Trying to tweak that drawing to the point where you feel confident to stand up in front of a room of people and say ‘here’s where I’m heading’ is never easy, but I do love it as much as it terrifies me. So many designers say that we are our own harshest critics and this is so true. That’s why I love working to a brief for a client sometimes as you get real, honest feedback. Something that can be hard to achieve working away for days on end on your own in your studio on a design for your own collection where the only person who says it it’s good enough to make the cut is you!

Pages from my sketchbook showing drawing developments

Curators Charlotte Hale and Kirsty Hassard were great at facilitating this creative journey and made studio visits down to Glasgow to and I up to Dundee. The brief asked me to create a family of prints – three in total to be used across a bag, an apron and a silk scarf. The designs were to be independent of each other but sit together and read as a family.

Daryl McCowan, Retail Supervisor displays the large silk scarf 

The design is inspired by the building and it's relationship between land and water. Thinking and working with key structural elements of the building itself, but also the idea of the building being like a cliff face and the ripples of water surrounding it are all thoughts that fed into the creation of this design.

Colours were to be in my signature style – bold and bright and after a few different discussions we all felt that the turquoise and yellow would lend itself to the designs, products and staff successfully.

Fundamental to the project (and any item I create!) was making sure the products were the best that they could be for the staff that were to wear them. It was out of this discussion that two sizes of scarf evolved – a super sized silk scarf and smaller neckerchief silk scarf. I love the fact that staff have autonomy over whether they choose to wear the bag and scarf, just the bag, just a scarf etc. It is also up to them how they style their scarf and when we took photos earlier this year (in a pre-Covid life, remember those days?) one of the staff, Lauri, who modelled the products for us was wearing her large silk scarf like a tie on her blouse and it was just perfect for her!

Lauri Thorndyke, Visitor Assistant models the large scarf

If any of you follow this page you may have seen we launched a similar silk neckerchief with the V&A Dundee retail team last summer (scroll down for details). This was born out of the uniform commission too albeit in very different colours to keep the staff and public versions very visibly different.

The printed cloth going through the treatment process at Halley Stevensons

One other really rewarding thing about this project was working in partnership with three brilliant Scottish manufacturers – Halley Stevensons in Dundee (who coated the fabric in a water-resistant coating), The Centre for Advanced Textiles at The Glasgow school of Art (who printed the fabric) and Kalopsia in Edinburgh (who manufactured the products).

The printed fabric post water-resistant treatment - the water just sits on top

Shortly we will be launching another commission with the wonderful retail team there so keep your eyes peeled for our next V&A DUNDEE update.

Photos of finished pieces and Halley Stevensons factory: Julie Howden ©

Models: Daryl McCowan, V&A Dundee Retail Supervisor & Lauri Thorndyke, V&A Dundee Visitor Assistant.


EXHIBITION - Craft Scotland Summer Show, Edinburgh, 2-25 August 2019

The Craft Scotland Summer Show returned to White Stuff, George Street for its 7th year as part of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Showcasing craft from 41 Scotland-based makers and designers, including precious metal and mixed media jewellery, woven cushions and rugs, quilted and printed textiles, hand-thrown ceramics, vibrant glass, forged steel vessels and wooden homeware.

Photography by Craft Scotland / Ellie Morag


EXHIBITION - Ryijy Stool and Wallhangings, Design Exhibition Scotland, Edinburgh - 28 June - 2 July 2019

In its second year, DES at Lyon & Turnbull Edinburgh exhibited the work of over 30 designers and artists. Exploring ways that design can enhance the way we live our lives, curator Susanna Beaumont aims to "champion design excellence and exploration."

Artist Clare Barclay and I collaborated on 3 works utilising the Finnish ryijy technique that I learned whilst on the British Council x Hiap design residency last summer.

Ryijy is the word for a knotted wall hanging and there is a rich history of them in Finland. Wool has been specially produced so that once the knots are cut it doesn’t fray. It’s a slow, almost meditative technique that is very different from screen printing but has raised lots of interesting conversations between Claire and myself that we hope to articulate in some writing soon....

COMMISSION - Silk Neckerchiefs, V&A Dundee, Scotland - May 2019

It's been hugely flattering to have our company involved in the newly opened V&A Dundee with this recent retail commission to design and print a range of silk neckerchiefs.

As a designer, I've always loved visiting the V&A in London for inspiration so to have the V&A now here in Scotland and be a small part of that experience feels very surreal and exciting.

The design of this neckerchief is inspired by the building and it's relationship between land and water. Thinking and working with key structural elements of the building itself, but also the idea of the building being like a cliff face and the ripples of water surrounding it are all thoughts that fed into the creation of this design.

Working closely with their retail team we developed these two vibrant colour ways to offer a fresh, summery feel.

Designed, printed and made in Scotland onto 100% silk crepe de chine. We worked closely with our printers to tweak colours obsessively until we were satisfied with each shade that they then printed for us:

Each neckerchief comes in its own grey 'Laura Spring' de-bossed box, also made right here in Scotland.

Available to buy now from the V&A Dundee shop exclusively.


COMMISSION - Inver Quilts, Scotland - November 2018

The second part of our exciting commission from the award winning restaurant Inver, was to design and make a series of bespoke quilts for their new luxury bothies. After discussion with Pam and Rob (the duo behind the restaurant), we took our existing Solstice cushion design and worked it up into a repeat pattern that was then quilted with an organic wadding using a blue colour palette to compliment the deep blue feature wall within each bothy. Hand stitched in our Glasgow studio, these quilts add a pop of colour and pattern to a calm and tranquil setting on the beautiful banks of Loch Fyne.

To book a stay in one of these bothies, click here, we don't think you'll be disappointed!


 Inver Bothies photographed by Caro Weiss.


EXHIBITION - Design Museum, Helsinki - 15 & 16 September 2018

Arranging Practice: Proximity, Distance, Instance 

The 2018 HIAP designers-in-residence, designers Laura Spring (UK) and Elina Laitinen (FI), present their work done in the frame of the design residency program with an installation at the Design Museum’s Auditorium.

Under the theme “Arranging Practice: Proximity, Distance, Instance” this year’s HIAP design residency invited the designers to reflect on the impact that their immediate or mediated contact with spaces, materials and cooperators has on the process of creation, the artifacts produced and our idea of what design, the designer, and the object (product) of design is today.

Researching traditional textile techniques and testing for alternative positions for designers in clothing work, respectively, Laura and Elina have led processes that mark up against the visual instantaneousness of the digital realm and the object-focused distance set by design’s industrial tradition. Their projects revisit these paradigms to explore by way of proximal work what relations, roles and ambitions can open up to and define possible other locations for the contemporary designer.

Laura's limited edition screen prints will be available to take away for free during the exhibition.

The HIAP design residency program is produced by the Helsinki International Artist Programmein cooperation with the British Council, Design Museum, Helsinki Design Week and Aalto University.

work in progress, Laura Spring, designer-in-residence, Helsinki 2018 


Images from the exhibition 'Arranging Practice: Proximity, Distance, Instance' at The Design Museum, Helsinki, September 2018


(Left to Right): Juuso Tervo (Aalto University), Susanna Thiel (Design Museum), Laura Spring, Elina Laitinen and Martin Born (HIAP) at Helsinki Design Week festival centre, Keskuskatu.

Read our interview with the British Council about this residency experience here.


COMMISSION - Tate - July 2018

Our latest commission we've been working on for the last 18 months is a new collection of accessories for the Tate. Available exclusively in Tate shops across the UK, each product is available in 2 patterns across 4 colour-ways. 


Taking aspects of architectural features within the various Tate buildings as inspiration, these designs are intended to be a bright and bold combination of pattern and colour. Designed, printed and made in Scotland, the designs have been transformed into a covetable range of accessories that are perfect for colour and pattern lovers, reflecting our core values at Laura Spring.

- - - - - - - 

COMMISSION - British Council, Scotland - June 2018

Inspired by one of the British Council's core values "making connections" and my love of nature, this design combines these two elements and makes reference to the book "The Songs of Trees: Stories from Nature's Great Connectors" by David Haskell. I am fascinated by the many ways trees communicate and I love to think about all the messages passing under your feet as you walk through a forest. This commission seemed like the perfect opportunity to marry these ideas together into a series of exclusively designed A6 notebooks for the British Council Scotland.

Printed and made in Scotland onto 100% recycled paper.

- - - - - - - 

COMMISSION - Inver - March 2018

Inver Restaurant, Strathlachlan, Strachur, Argyll & Bute, PA27 8BU

We were delighted to create some mini cushions for Inver's newly built bothies. Located on the shores of Loch Fyne on the west coast of Scotland, Inver restaurant now offers accommodation in luxury, en-suite bothies, as well as their incredible food! Taking existing patterns and creating a bespoke colour palette we made these cute 35cm x 35cm printed cushions. Each bothy has four in different pattern combinations and they sit alongside Ailidh Lennon's beautiful hand-woven cushions, made on Iona, and Adam Gale prints on the walls. 

Book to stay at Inver



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EXHIBITIONS - London - September 2017

Scottish Interiors London - 18th - 19th September at Scotland House, 58 Victoria Embankment, EC4Y 0DS

designjunction - 21st - 24th September at Granary Square, King's Cross, NIC 4AA

- - - - - - - 

EXHIBITION - Finland - September 2017

'Täkänä' at Helsinki Design Week, 7 - 8th September, at CraftCorner

Täkänä weavings first caught my eye during a residency at Arteles Creative Centre in Finland during the summer of 2015. Intrigued by the striking, graphic designs in a couple of old catalogues I found at a local flea market near Hämeenkyrö, I purchased the catalogues and brought them back to my studio in Scotland where I began researching more about this ancient Finnish weaving technique and it's history. 

an example of a täkänä from the 50s/60s held at the Craft Museum of Jyväskylä's Conservation Centre

After receiving generous financial support from Creative Scotland's Open Project Fund, I was able to travel back to Finland in early 2017 to research this technique further in order to inspire and inform new work. I decided it would be a great opportunity to try and show some of the work and research back in it's home country, so for two days I will be at Craft Corner in the centre of Helsinki exhibiting a collaborative piece of weaving with Finnish textile artist Milja Nikamaan as well as new screen printed textile pieces produced in my Glasgow based studio. It's free and everyone is welcome to attend!

 one of the old school house buildings at Arteles

To read more about the residency at Arteles, please click here

To read more about the research trip to Finland earlier this year, please click here.

This section will be updated during the exhibition, but our new full collection inspired by this research will be launching at designjunction during the London Design Festival in late September.


Exhibition photos:




 - - - - - - - 

COLLABORATION - September 2017

Floor_Story x Laura Spring

We're delighted to share the news of our latest collaboration with London based rug specialist Floor_Story. 


This pattern was created as part of the India Street Project, curated by Katy West. Supported by the British Council and Creative Scotland, India Street worked with a group of designers from Scotland and India to initially explore the Turkey Red archive known as the Bombay Sample Book held at The National Gallery of Scotland. The project has developed over the past three years, during early 2015 the Scottish designers taken over to India in 2015 to learn the art of block printing from master craftspeople and to gain a deeper understanding of traditional Indian crafts and the history behind them. As a group, we were then invited to develop our designs further into motifs that could be block printed onto fabric in India to create a range of products which were then exhibited as part of an exhibition looking at the entire project at Tramway, Glasgow in June 2016.

Often used for turbans, Leheriya is a traditional tie-dye technique from Jaipur made by folding and twisting the fabric before dying, producing a distinctive zigzag motif. The Turkey red sample books made many designs that attempted to replicate this pattern and it was these striking, graphic motifs that caught my eye at the very beginning of the project. I combined two elements from Turkey red, this commonly used zigzag motif and its palate of primary colours to create one of my final designs, which I am delighted to see translated here into a 100% handwoven rug known as a Kilim.
Available in two sizes: 120cm x 180cm | 160cm x 230cm
The rugs are available to buy from Floor_Story's website or you can visit their London showroom.



5 Hackney Road

London E2 7NX

Monday to Saturday: 11am – 6pm
Sunday: 10am – 5pm

 - - - - - - -


Panel x Laura Spring

with Bernie Reid & Mairi Mackenzie at Timespan, Helmsdale

Commissioned by Timespan, Seine Net Queens is an exhibition by independent design curators Panel. The exhibition presents photographs from Timespan’s Archive alongside new works by textile designer Laura Spring, artist Bernie Reid and fashion researcher Mairi MacKenzie.

Inspired by the significant social, economic and cultural legacy of Helmdale’s herring trade, Seine Net Queens explores the trade’s 20th-century heritage through newly commissioned work by textile designer Laura Spring, made in response to a selection of photographs from Timespan’s archive. Focusing on amateur and family photographs of women who actively participated in the development of an identity for Helmsdale, these images of seine net queens and their attendants make visible the influence of the area’s sea-fishing heritage on community events and activities. When considered alongside earlier photographs of Helmsdale’s herring gutting girls, the photographs reveal the transformation of women’s lives during a period in Helmsdale when the structures of work and industry were radically redefined.

Responding to the duality of these local representations of women and place, Laura Spring has created two new textile commissions that investigate convergences between tradition and modernity, handcraft and industry, and labour and ceremony. Working in collaboration with artist Bernie Reid and fashion historian Mairi MacKenzie, Spring combines the selected archival material with new sculptural, graphic and written works. Reviewing the changing role of women through the lens of pattern, landscape, identity and uniform, Seine Net Queens creates subjective and imaginative associations between historic material and contemporary ideas, and between photographic documentation and textile design.


 - - - - - - -


Local Heroes x Laura Spring

Local Heroes: Scottish Design at Edinburgh Airport, 1-31 August 2016

Local Heroes redefines contemporary Scottish design by bringing together Scotland’s leading designers in an exhibition developed specially for Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.

The exhibition features exciting new commissions which explore the notion of the souvenir and the theme of travel. Installed at Edinburgh Airport during the largest cultural festival in the world — The Edinburgh Festival — Local Heroes will be accessible to a predicted 1.2 million passengers spanning 120 international destinations.

Curated by Dr Stacey Hunter featuring work by Hilary Grant, Rebecca Torres, Trakke, Instrmnt, Tom Pigeon, Gabriella Marcella (Risotto), Warriors Studio, Karen Mabon and us.


Photos by Future Positive, Stuart Maclay & Ross Fraser Mclean (Studio RoRo).

You can buy the arrow travel pouches for £25 each from our online shop here.

 - - - - - - -

COMMISSION - July 2016

Heal's x Laura Spring

We're delighted to announce our latest commission from Heal's - a set of Limited Edition Tea Towels for their dining department!

These designs were inspired by a short overnight trip to Tallinn last summer whilst I was on a residency at Arteles in Finland (see here for our series of blog posts on this). Tallinn is a short boat ride from Helsinki and I was instantly drawn to the amazing display of patterns that are visible on many of the doors in the old town's city centre.


Taking these as a source of inspiration, I created the 'Diamond Door' and 'Square Door' design which were all hand printed in limited editions of 25 in our Glasgow based studio...


Available to buy now from Heal's on Tottenham Court Road, London.

 - - - - - - -

EXHIBITION - India Street Bazaar, Tramway, Glasgow

10th June - 24th july 2016

Six designers from India and Scotland were invited to explore the Turkey Red archives, and respond aesthetically and with hindsight to this Scottish textile industry. The results, new products produced in India using the craft traditions that influenced the original fabrics, tell a new story of global production, trade and influence.

Participating designers: Emlyn Firth, Lokesh Ghai, Charlotte Linton, Gabriella Marcella, Laura Spring and People Tree.

The exhibition is curated by Katy West in collaboration with Tramway. Further information about the project and the online shop with all the products available for purchase are available here.



Images: © India Street / Max Slaven

 - - - - - - -


EXHIBITION - UKTI Fashion & Lifestyle Mission to Japan

Nov 4th-5th 2015, British Embassy, Tokyo, Japan

We were excited to be part of this year's UKTI showcase in Tokyo alongside thirty other British based companies, where we introduced our brand and our products to Japanese buyers, agents and importers. To read more about the mission, please click here.

You can see more photos of our trip on over on our instagram page:

- - - - - -  

EXHIBITION - Scotland Re:Designed Interiors Showcase

Oct 8th-10th 2015, Dundee

We were delighted to take part in this year's Scotland Re:Designed Interiors Showcase at the Vision Building in Dundee alongside talents such as Dana Finnigan and Catherine Macgruer. We were also honoured to be voted the winner in the 'best emerging designer' category by judges Katie Treggiden, Ella Doran, William Knight & Rosey Blackmore. Thank you judges! 

- - - - - - - 

EXHIBITION - designjunction

Sep 24th-27th 2015, Victoria House, London

We are returning for the second year to designjunction (part of The London Design Festival) to exhibit our new collections to trade and the public.


- - - - - - - 

EXHIBITION - Craft Scotland Summer Show 

Aug 7th-30th 2015, White Stuff, Edinburgh

Now in it's third year, the Craft Scotland Summer Show is back this August on the second floor of The White Stuff and we're delighted to be part of it for the first time. Featuring a range of hand-made items from across Scotland, including ceramics, textiles, jewellery and homewares by makers such as Anaïs Paulard, Ruth Hollywood and Julia Smith.

We're delighted to be showing some old favourites, plus some new purses and wristlet pouches form our forthcoming new collection...


- - - - - - -  


bakery47 x Laura Spring

bakery47 are, in our opinion, Glasgow's finest bakery. Not just because their bakes are incredible in taste and presentation, but because Sam and Anna (the couple behind it all) are two of the nicest people you could meet. Their new premises opened earlier this year on Glasgow's south-side and has been a hit from day one. It has been complete joy to work with them on an exclusive print design for a tote bag for their bakery.

Inspired by the triangular shapes that are made when pastry is cut to create croissants and the simple circles of sweet macaroons, we created this bold print design. Each bag has been screen printed in-house onto a certified fair-trade deluxe canvas tote bag using one of our favourite

Available to buy in person from their bakery at: 76 Victoria Rd, G42 7AA.

 - - - - - - -

COMMISSION - June 2015

The National Trust for Scotland x Laura Spring


At the end of last year we enthusiastically replied to a call out by Craft Scotland and The National Trust for Scotland to work with them on creating their first collaborative range. The result is this bespoke print that was transformed into totes, pencil cases and purses. You can read all about the project and the inspiration behind it over on our blog here.

 - - - - - - -


Belle & Sebastian x Laura Spring

We've been thrilled to spend time creating an exclusive print design for the wonderful Glasgow band Belle & Sebastian that we have applied to three products as part of a new range of merchandise for their current UK tour. Inspired by maps and travel, we produced this simple yet bold design in a range of three colours that we transformed into some exciting new rucksacks, pouches and notebooks.


All products are available in green, light blue or orange exclusively through Belle & Sebastian. The notebooks can also be purchased as a set of all three colours.

Special thanks to Belle & Sebastian, Fiona Morrison, Caro Weiss (for the amazing photography) and Cecilia Stamp for her modelling skills.

 - - - - - - -

COMMISSION - April 2015

Lush Oxford Street x Laura Spring

After working with popular high street store Lush last year on a bespoke bag for their newly refurbished Glasgow Buchanan Street Store (see blog post here), we were really excited to be invited to work with them again this year on a product for their brand new flagship Oxford Street store in London! Lush very kindly asked us to create a series of three knot wraps based on the Face, the Explorer and the Shower...

The first 150 have been screen printed in-house by us in eye-popping colours and are available now as a set in-store.

Lush are a company who we really admire, not only for their love of bright colours but also their ethical policies and support of the hand-made product. So thank you Lush for having us back!

 - - - - - - - 

RESEARCH TRIP - February 2015 

India Street Part 2: Building Blocks, Ahmedabad

The second part of this inspiring project took us and three other scottish designers to Ahmedabad for a two-week research and development trip to further our samples from last August's exhibition.

To read more about what we got up to on this trip, please see our blog post.

 - - - - - - - 

COLLABORATION - December 2014

Cecilia Stamp x Laura Spring

We've been a huge fan of Cecilia Stamp's beautiful resin and enamel jewellery for a long time here at Laura Spring HQ! So when the opportunity arose to work together on this limited edition range of brooches, we jumped at the chance! Using our fabrics and Cecilia's resin skills and eye for shape, we created this unique collection...

Available to buy in person this thursday 18th and friday 19th between 12-4pm at our studio sale - Grey Wolf Studios, 131 Craighall Road, Glasgow, G4 9TN.

- - - - - - - 

COLLABORATION - December 2014

Ciara Phillips x Laura Spring for House of Voltaire

It has been thoroughly exciting to collaborate with artist Ciara Phillips on a limited edition bag for the fantastic biennial shop, House of Voltaire. House of Voltaire is a temporary shop set in the heart of London's Mayfair from the renowned gallery, Studio Voltaire with the purpose of supporting their gallery and education programmes.

For this edition of bags, we worked collaboratively with Ciara, screen printing onto a single piece of cambric cotton to create the lining using a palette of five colours. The exterior is made from a grey waxed cotton and the trims are made from a vegetable tanned leather.  






Every bag has a unique lining, all of which can be seen below...

 Available to buy in-store at House of Voltaire until Saturday 20th December.

 - - - - - - -

COLLABORATION - December 2014

Into Art 


Intoart is an artist-led visual arts organisation based in London working with adults and young people with learning disabilities. We were delighted to be approached by them in the summer to work together on developing a small series of products. This bag is the first outcome and uses artist Mawuena Kattah's beautiful drawings of vases as the main fabric of the bag and inspiration behind the shape and size. 


Mawuena Kattah for Into Art

Dimensions:  37cm(w) x 41cm(h)

Materials: Digital printed unbleached cotton duck. Cotton lining and inside pocket with navy zip fastening. Handles - vegetable tanned leather

Price: £85

Photo credit : Lol Johnson

The bag is available to buy from House of Voltaire until the 20th December or from Into Art's online shop.

 - - - - - - -

COMMISSION - House of Voltaire 2014

12 November - 20 December, Mayfair, London

We were delighted to be asked to work with House of Voltaire again on their biennial shop that supports the gallery Studio Voltaire. This year we've designed and printed an apron for them using their signature House of Voltaire print. 

 - - - - - - - 

EXHIBITION - September 2014-January 2015

Archive Fever, The Clay and Glass Gallery, Waterloo, Canada

Curated by Krista Blake


 - - - - - - -

EXHIBITION - August-September 2014 

India Street Part 1: The Bombay Sample Book, Gayfield Creative Spaces, Edinburgh


(From l-r: Print Sample IV - screen print on canvas 80cm x 80cm, Print Sample V - screen print on canvas 80cm x 80cm)

India Street Part 1: The Bombay Sample Book' is an exhibition exploring new responses to the Turkey red archive of Scotland and indigenous textiles of India. Seven designers and artists from India and Scotland were invited by curator Katy West to produce a sample in response to the collection. These included Charlotte Linton, People Tree, Emlyn FirthGabriella DITano, Lokesh Ghai and  Raw Mango. Further details of how we created our print and the inspiration behind it can be found here.

- - - - - - -

COMMISSION - August 2014 

Not Another Bill

We first met Ned from Not Another Bill at a trade show back in 2012 and we began to discuss how we might collaborate on a product.  For those of you that don't know, Not Another Bill is a brilliant idea for anyone who as they put it 'is bored of just getting bills in the post'. You can subscribe or get them sent to a friend as a gift (which we think is a brilliant idea!), but each month a different product comes through your door, beautifully gift wrapped and looks like a delight to open. They have worked with an amazing variety of artists, designers and brands since they began and have created everything from reclaimed teak chopping boards to a whole host of stationary wonders!

When we were approached by Ned, we were already fans of the company and the idea behind the brand so were honoured to be invited to join in. After many discussions we decided to work on a product inspired by our Convergence print duffel bag and came up with this sunglasses pouch in three exclusive colour ways to NAB.

(all photos courtesy of NAB)

 - - - - - - -  

COMMISSION - June 2014 

Small Is Beautiful 


The great team behind Small Is Beautiful approached us to design and print a limited edition set of bags for their conference in June of this year. To read more about the inspiration behind this design, check out the blog post we wrote on the commission here.

 - - - - - - - 


Lush Commission

Earlier this year we were approached by Lush to design and print an exclusive bag for their new Buchanan Street store that opened on the 17th May 2014. We loved working for these guys and creating this bag for them! But there's only 200 that have been hand printed by us, so if you want one you'd better hurry down to the new store! 

For more information on the project and behind the scenes images, have a look at our blog article over here.

- - - - - - -


Bespoke napkins for a photo shoot by Caro Weiss

Caro Weiss is one of our amazingly talented friends who we are very lucky to work with on a regular basis. When she's not taking photos of our products and other artists brilliant work, she takes photos of beautiful weddings. Not content with doing the same thing year after year, Caro often devises her own shoots with a talented team of collaborators to show people what the possibilities are...and she very kindly asked us to supply some special, one-off napkins for her latest shoot! You can see more of the images here.

- - - - - - -

EXHIBITION - April 2014

Openaries at Glasgow International 2014


Openaries was one of the events at this year's Glasgow International festival and was hosted by artists Laura Aldridge (Glasgow) and Anna Mayer (Los Angeles). They built a portable ceramics kiln that was used to fire objects offered by local artists or practitioners during the event at three different locations during the festival. 

Our offering was to create a piece of protective clothing for each artist that they could wear during the firings and would be unique in design. We took inspiration from the idea of fire and the artists can read more about the process on our blog.

Photos by Caro Weiss. 

- - - - - - -


Ever/Present/Past - Artlink, Edinburgh



(l-r above: Smile! Everything Is Growing Tote Bag £6.50, Fruit Salad Beach Towel £25, Bird of Paradise Bowl £10) 

Working with artist Laura Aldridge, we were commissioned by Artlink, Edinburgh to help create a range of original objects in collaboration with patients at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital as part of their bicentenary celebrations. The result is this eclectic array of products from beautiful knitted blankets to ceramic bowls to wrapping paper, many of which were produced in-house by the patients and ourselves. All are limited edition products and are available for sale in Artlink's online shop.

- - - - - - -

COMMISSION - September 2013


Goodd are a design studio based in Glasgow established by Thomas Russell and Brian Proudfoot. As part of their involvement in 2013’s London Design Festival, Laura was commissioned to print and make a series of quilts for the designers using Rory Crichton’s graphic textile designs. 

- - - - - - - 

COLLABORATION - December 2012

House of Voltaire

House of Voltaire is a biannual temporary shop organised by the gallery Studio Voltaire.  It cites its inspiration behind the model as fashion ateliers as well as The Bloomsbury Group’s Omega Workshops amongst others. It invites an exciting and varied range of artists and designers to take part from Jeremey Deller to Peter Jensen to Julie Verhoeven. For House of Voltaire’s 2012 shop, Laura Spring and Laura Aldridge collaborated on a limited edition duffel bag using digitally printed fabric. 

House of Voltaire Shop

- - - - - - - 

EXHIBITION - 25 October — 3 December 2012
'When the Wind is High' — The Lighthouse, Glasgow


Meteorological kites were developed between 1749 and 1933 as a way of recording information such as air temperature, wind direction and wind speed. Two University of Glasgow students, Alexander Wilson and Thomas Melville, carried initial experiments out here in Glasgow in 1749, curious to see if the air on the ground was warmer or colder than the air above the ground.

Kite experiments continued to develop throughout the 19th century, but it was in the late 1800s that The Hargrave Cellular Kite and Bowed Eddy Kite were invented. Lawrence Hargrave, an Englishman who emigrated to Australia, developed the Hargrave Cellular Kite in 1893. The American William Eddy developed the Bowed Eddy Kite in 1894.

The Malay kite, a tailless diamond kite, inspired him because its lack of tail allowed several kites to be chained together to reach high altitudes without en- countering any problems. Eddy added a bow to the cross bar, but he soon realised that the box kite developed by Hargrave was the superior design for weather experiments, so began using that model instead.

The six kites in this exhibition are intended to be recreations of the Eddy and Hargrave kites, built in a similar way, to similar dimensions using dowel and cambric cotton. The prints featured on the kites are experiments inspired specifically by the wind and the ways it has been recorded and visually represented over the years – from Vertical Gustiness Meters (1882) to Wind Roses to the more common arrow that we see on weather reports everyday.